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Your audience as well as the country and city from the survey where they live  the devices they use to access social networks. The Attendance tab contains data about subscrib and unsubscrib pages. Data can be display for a day or for the entire time. Also by moving the window below the graph you can change the time interval at which statistics are display. Data Analysis in Attendance Tab On the Activity tab you can evaluate the popularity of your content on Twitter the number of likes comments retweets and hides. It also shows the number of users who.

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Have turn on notifications about your new posts Luxembourg B2B List which means they don’t want to miss your posts even if the algorithm doesn’t show them in the newsfe.  . Personal page statistics can be export in the same way as community statistics. Statistics for any page We analyze statistics for our own pages and communities. Now let’s learn how to view the statistics of other people’s pages competitors or members of the public whose ads you plan to buy. To view statistics for communities and pages that you do not have access to use . You’ll even get data that isn’t in the built-in community stats. Let’s take a look at the statistics of the community. We enter the address in the search bar and select the date of analysis.

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Let’s say a month from 1st to 2nd. any group or page will open a dashboard with the columns Statistics Here you can choose graphs by different America Email parameters community activity by day of the week and time of day likes  Comments Views Retweets  Subscriber Growth. Also text volume number of publications percentage of audience activity as well as text length and publication format photo video text. Read more about each metric in the FAQ. Ribbon This column is load with all community posts for the select period. For example the most popular post is the.

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