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Be record in a session. To upload multiple stories to Stories click the camera icon and select up to multiple photos and videos. In both cases you can it each photo and video individually which saves a lot of time during processing. Three Rules for  Transparent To gain the trust of your audience tag the companies you work with. According to the regulations creators must tag business partners in brand content posts. Be relevant. Work with brands whose products you really like. Create native content Make sure the posts look natural on your account and are appropriate for your audience. Subscribers don’t want their attention sold.

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How to be the first to make high-quality Nepal Phone Number List videos for the Internet Create a series of minute-long videos so subscribers will want to watch them all.  a format that users are us to. Other video formats are better suit for stories or . Pro tip When creating a video for a video add an action at the beginning so that viewers keep watching after the video starts. View counts for are count from the third second. A step-by-step guide to promoting your video on Facebook the day before launch share the backstage in Stories announcing the video launch.

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Days ahead Put countdown stickers on America Email stories.  the video in . Minutes after posting a video Use stickers on your stories. Minutes after posting the video post a link to the video on Facebook and other social networks. One day after posting Go live and discuss subscribers’ reactions to your video. Useful relat articles on the preferr way to publish content on Twitter Tools to work efficiently on Twitter Extend statistics for any channel on Twitter How to become a popular blogger all the details How to promote on Twitter main rules and features. Try the free trial program and get the activity statistics for the most pages in the next days Ways to.

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