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Content.  in the only one of the least efficient platforms. This may be due to the limitation of the amount of text in the image caption the main information is post separately from the image and the image does not receive retweets. In general the photo format is the best of all social networks and the text format is the second most effective. Videos get less engagement than photos and links are prict to be the worst-performing content type. Average activity across all social mia by content type highly influenc by social mia activity Text Length Activity graphs across publications with varying text lengths illustrate the saying that more is better.

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Text-heavy publications collect the most UK B2B List responses on most sites. Short text maximum characters. Average post characters. . Average activity across all social networks by length of text in posts On  short text entries receiv the most reactions. best while long posts were found to be the least efficient format. The stats confirm the long text trend publications with long text get the most engagement. In ” ” the opposite is true short texts are more effective than long and Chinese texts. and audiences respond better to long texts and least to short texts. Text length Day of the week on top short text lead unchang all week Even on Sundays when other sites are showing growing interest in long reads.

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On Twitter long text saw higher engagement America Email early in the week and on Sundays but on weekends short text outperform other post sizes for the first time in a week. On  the distribution of engagement by text length remain constant over the week. In ”  people are more interest in short texts on weekends while long texts are read best on Mondays. In  Thursday is mia text day. The rest of the days are mostly long fasts. Users respond best on Sundays. In general for all social networks the day of the week has little effect on the interest in a text of a certain length. Significantly increas interest in bulk material Monday Wnesday and weekend and short.

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