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Timbre and intonation of the voice. Consider whether such a voice is authoritative for your target audience.  of the video. What emotions do you want to evoke in your listeners what qualities should your company associate with after hearing your advertising message. Music and Sound Effects Choose the right music and make sure it’s ready for commercial use. You may ne sound effects: street noise rain crowd sounds. By the way if you ne to analyze content on social networks there are many opportunities for content analysis both on your own pages and those of others. You can easily see what was post and when.

Write down the tone and nature

Review Requirements for Audio Ads Websites Slovenia B2B List have similar requirements for audio ad content as for regular target advertising: no promotion of alcohol products adult products disinformation sites dietary supplements competitive social networks.  for audio tracks: frightening aesthetically unacceptable statements offensive and profane content references to tragic events inaccurate comparisons to other companies direct indication of age or username use of harsh Noises foreign words too loud music tracks are prohibit. Audio Audio formats are evaluat using different metrics than image or video ads.

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There are also separate requirements

A notable difference is that users cannot access America Email the site via audio advertisements in social networks. So make sure to track down audio cues before launching your marketing campaign. Common metrics for any type of audio campaign will be: . For image advertising campaigns the growth of brand metrics is very important. To do this measure growth in brand recall advertising recall and loyalty to the company. You can evaluate these metrics with the help of marketing research but marketing research must be done on its own. For performance marketing campaigns target action is very important. To track users from Audio use one of two options: Promo Code Create a unique promo code for your audio campaign. A lucrative offer incentivizes users to enter.

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