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Hint at new features.  of the social network bas on its features. The technology is being actively develop. Therefore in the near future we are waiting for the development of image search and platforms. Useful relat articles: Social Mia Analysis Tools; Characteristics of Promoting Clothing Brands in Social Networks; Web Design Trends in Social Networks; Trends and Future of Social Mia Content: Insights from Future Content Sessions. web blogs like our new algorithm will kill small business page sharing: new algorithm What’s wrong with algorithms and what should marketers expect We translat posts from bloggers analyzing the situation.

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As any business page owner on the web Mongolia B2B List knows organic reach has plummet recently.  users have notic that the situation has only gotten worse. Posts from business pages have a hard time making it into a subscriber’s fe. The only way to do this is to invest in promotions. But even paid promotions don’t guarantee results. On March 1 Google announc the launch of a new generation algorithm for its website and mobile app that will increase the organic reach of pages that spend more money on post-promotion in the future. For most companies this means the end. Algorithm update In the new app the news fe is divid into two sections.

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The explore fe rocket icon and the original news America Email fe.  friends will be post in the latter and posts from business pages will be includ in the referral fe. If companies want their content to be in the mainstream news they have to pay for it. At the same time even a repost of a friend’s business page would not be a routine problem. Organic coverage for business pages will drop significantly. This update means that event pages will almost no longer receive organic coverage. After all users visit to read news from friends not company publications. On the desktop version it’s even worse: Interesting fe icons are plac in the left.

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