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To Beautifully Operate and Effective Video Research Insights Social Sharing Effective Video for and Video Formats become more and more popular. Marketers use it in advertising. But if it’s already clear through words and pictures how to  still ne to learn how to use video. Publish a report on the effectiveness of video advertising with recommendations for marketers on how to create video for social networks. Recommendations are bas on platform data and analytics glean from hundrs of campaigns. Short video is the key to success in Weihe and similar social networks When creating videos one important thing is length.

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People prefer short videos to long videos Oil and Gas Email List on social mia. However the consumption rate of mobile devices is fast and user attention is low. Studies show that mobile video viewing is fast frequent and should be fine with or without sound. Thinking about how you yourself watch videos on your phone might be true for your audience as well.  video on mobile the meaning of the video should be transmitt within the first three seconds and the message of the video should be transmitt within the first ten seconds. After this period of time users lose interest. As an example take a look at the R Bull ad what a TV ad and a mobile ad would look like.

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Branding is more than just your logo Take America Email advantage of video possibilities add corporate colors fonts communicate your company’s values ​​in your video. Try to introduce your brand to your audience. Communicate information visually  sound. Make sure your video can be understood with the sound turn off. Use strong visuals or subtitles. Build a Mobile-Friendly Portfolio Video on social networks is not the same as video on TV. You don’t get a chance to show the vast scene. Use less space to highlight what really matters. And the best aspect ratio for videos People won’t rotate their phone screen while watching videos.

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