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Statistics In the text version of the  networks may be missing. In this case the results can be seen in the full version file attach at the beginning of the article. Spectator activity by day of the week at Activity levels level off every day of the week in  with the highest level on Thursday. There were no significant differences compar to years. On the Internet the most active day is Monday and the activity level drops significantly on weekends. Compar with Sunday the difference is up to 10%. For now the peak of activity has shift to Tuesday which is slightly different from Thursday and Friday. The activities of   and days of the week.

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Are almost the same as the year with no Motion Pictures Email List major changes. Audience activity by time of day adds to period activity.  from the minimum active time  . On  posts publish during the day are the most active with no significant difference in exact time intervals and roughly the same level of activity between them. Activity is now more evenly distribut over time compar to 2010. Most active during the day peaking in the afternoon. The activity is the largest between to and  and the activity at night is significantly lower than that during the day up to a times. Audiences whose activity depends on the amount of text in a publication still dislike long texts.

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The most popular are short publications. The America Email difference from other formats is to. In the above the most effective is the long text accompaniment. Audience preferences for and have not chang Engagement is highest for short and mium texts. The average across all social networks has not chang much Longer text attracts a smaller audience. Viewer activity depends on the content of the publication. For video posts engagement drops further while the average engagement for other formats is at least twice as high. On Facebook posts with links saw a slight decrease in activity and video posts remain the least popular disregarding.

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