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Impact This has to be discover empirically. Drum length On TV the standard video length is or seconds. When it comes to videos on social networks the question arises what is the optimal length There is no magic number.  correlation between video length and consumer behavior. Short videos are more likely to be watch and it’s clear they take less time. The content of a video and its relevance to a particular viewer is far more important than its length. Ads are getting shorter and shorter. According to Nielsen’s data in 2010 10 seconds of video account for about half of the total while 2 seconds of advertisements account for.

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Only 100%. But  each type accounts for Freight Forwarders Brokers Email List about 30% of the total number of video ads. Short videos benefit from the dynamics of and.  messages at the beginning of the video. And the effect of such advertising will be higher. Therefore one might think that short videos of seconds or less work better. But it’s not about length it’s about better representation of branding and key messages in these videos. The Effect of Video Length on Internet User Behavior Emphasis on Visuals Nielsen conduct a neuromarketing study in Brazil to understand how text and images on the Internet affect user engagement. Research shows that lesser-known brands should combine words and images in their.

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Ads while well-known brands should only use America Email images so consumers remember them. They may rely on past marketing campaigns and use imagery only for emotional engagement. Eye-tracking technology makes it possible to understand how users perceive advertisements. An interesting point about consumer behavior is that none of this ads follow the same learning path. However all subjects look at the image not the content surrounding the image. Combining Different Types of Ads As mention in the first part of the study the format of the.

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