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Corrective Strategies WO Strategies (Weaknesses and Opportunities) is to take advantage of available opportunities to ruce weaknesses in the organization, for example, if the company is not the most expert in any field. but saw an opportunity to partner with The company therefore joins hands to achieve common business goals. Preventive Strategies ST Strategies (Strengths and Threats) is to leverage all internal strengths to overcome threats or obstacles. that may occur that will make the business successful in achieving the desir goals and objectives, for example, the company is facing competition from new competitors that offer products and innovations that are similar to yours.

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Therefore, you should offer your internal strengths, such Aruba Email List as taking first place with more experience. And there are guarante prizes us to overcome obstacles that arise. Defensive Strategies WT Strategies (Weaknesses and Threats) final strategy It is the least attractive strategy that nes to be minimiz. To overcome or avoid external threats or obstacles affecting the business. the Nokia TOWS Matrix . SO Strategies Proactive Strategy Increase market share and build a brand in Germany by offering innovative products and reliable Enhance your reputation in the Asia-Pacific region. With a strategy-driven approach that produces products bas on customer nes.

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Customer-driven) bas on studies and America Email market research. In order to design products and services that meet the nes of customers. Penetrate new markets with business partners and new products Preventive Strategies ST Strategies Choose to do specific ads. Lower product prices due to high competition and there are many competitors in the market Offer quality products for customers. Corrective strategies WO Strategies conduct customer experience surveys and offer prices that are comparable to competitors in the market Improving the brand’s position in Japan.

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