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Be bas on Purpose, Beliefs, Principles and Personality, also known as Brand Philosophy. We will see the difference in positioning in different ways. The market positioning is specific to the aspects of how brands compete in different markets. that understands the nes of consumer groups And what drives the purchase of goods and services? While brand positioning is aim at explaining the philosophy of a brand that has a long-term plan. “And more than % will believe negative information only once or twice if they don’t trust the brand.

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Step  Symbols that people love and Haiti Email List respect (Lovemarks) After we make the brand memorable until trust has been establish Ultimately, we ne to create a strong brand engagement with our customers. Brands ne to make consumers feel good, feel lov, just as consumers do. therefore will cause a close relationship This is why the brand must be humaniz by creating a personality (Personality) for the brand that is bas on the personality of the person. And convey through the presence of a Brand Ambassador or may create a sense of social participation in the “Sense of Community” as an opportunity for brands to express their feelings.

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I hope that everyone who is thinking of starting a brand has seen the picture that Building a brand is not easy. and takes longer to make people remember America Email and feel good about the brand until it becomes lov by consumers But if we know the hierarchy that each brand will be in the hearts of consumers what to do It will help us plan our branding with direction. Cover photo from Source: pantiptopic Elements of StrategyI have to admit that nowadays, there are many brands, new businesses.

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