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To high competition and in the market Offer quality products for customers. Corrective strategies WO Strategies conduct customer experience surveys and. Offer prices that are comparable to competitors in the market Improving the brand’s position in Japan By pulling partners to help Focus on the US market with new product releases. That will increase the opportunity for joint ventures. Increase your business profits by tapping into diverse and different markets. differentiation strategy It is another strategy that has begun to be widely us. The word difference has many perspectives. But if there is a valuable difference.

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It would be inevitable that the Germany Email Database word innovation (Innovation), which if any company can bring innovation to use in various processes in the production of products or services. Will create an opportunity for an immiate competitive advantage. For products that are outstanding in presenting innovations that we often see It’s brands of mobile phones, computers, cars, electrical appliances such as Apple, BMW, Samsung, which apart from innovation, there are many different types. Let’s see from this article. MacBook BMWi LG Innovation can add value to a product or service.

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It is value for consumers that goes beyond America Email price. Or it may be said that if the value meets the nes of consumers, secondary. Because consumers are willing to buy in exchange for the acquir value. The word innovation must have the following characteristics: Give priority to customer nes as the main (Customer Focus) regardless of any innovation that occurs if it is not bas on customer nes. Or help society and the environment better. would not be able to create true value Innovation should be the first to do it (Leader). Huge value will be if it can be done first.

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