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Share New Years and Christmas are times of festive spirit gifts family warmth and of course good sales. According to a survey in 2018 of people do their Christmas shopping in early to mid-month. Of course brands adapt to their customers and start creating a festive atmosphere during the month. We let you know how brands are preparing for . Maybe you’ll find interesting ideas for yourself. Festive Design First it’s a good idea to change the design of your landing page or your entire website. So does Macy’s for example.

New Years and Christmas

Look at how beautiful and creative it is Mexico Phone Number List done: by the way also changing the design to create a new year mood.snow Christmas trees radios and several new color schemes: some companies completely change the design of the website some change the homepage while others perhaps to save money and time only change the logo . If you haven’t had a chance to design at least don’t ignore the logo: By the way social networks also often use New Year’s designs: Announcing the New Year’s update in a corporate style: And already using a different logo when updating the page: Christmas-inspir merchandise says.

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Among the services you will find

Design where you can limit yourself not America Email only to the website and logo but also to the product itself. This is usually done by food and beverage companies. Starbucks loves to create New Year items and festive designs for brand mugs: strategy in this regard. Every Chinese New Year they will sell special iron barrels the price is more expensive than ordinary iron barrels but if you show the iron barrels when you buy them you will get a discount for the whole year next year. Of course he doesn’t carry an iron bucket all year round everyone forgets but sales and revenue are growing. Festive drinks: Coca-Cola captures not just the Christmas image.

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