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Different formats the authors found many similarities.  associat both formats with visual aesthetics and opportunities for free expression of ideas. However there are differences in user associations across countries. For example Brazilians think stories and fes are good places for inspirational content so they can post inspirational videos and quotes there. Users in Indonesia connect stories with actionable content where they can see raw footage in real time. The British believe that stories are a tool for creativity. When do users use stories and when do they use fes It turns out that people choose stories in two situations: When they want to know what their friends are doing right now. When they want to see real-time unfilter content everyday life. Fes on the other hand are good for a larger list of actions: search for information.

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About new products view interesting content Colombia B2B List and so on. This may be because users are more familiar with the tape format. Types of content on Facebook and their use in stories and fes What do users like in stories and what in fes search for new products and brands in Fe rather than Stories doesn’t mean they don’t want to see brand content in Stories. Users in Brazil the US and the UK value brand messages in stories more than brand messages in fes. That said while people are more us to finding information about brands and products in their News Fe they prefer to see such material in Stories. The advantage of fes over stories is getting content from family and friends: users love the ability to quickly learn what’s new in their lov ones’ lives.

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Respondents from all countries

Also posts about hobbies and interests are America Email prominent in the stream. How Users Prioritize Stories and the Types of Content in Stories What This Means for Marketers Users interview using Stories said Stories help them connect with others. Include stories in activities to keep users engag. Living Up to Expectations While the stories and dynamics are very similar in many ways people associate different experiences with each format. Keep these expectations in mind when creating great content: share original behind-the-scenes footage in stories.

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