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Your account you ne to create a custom audience of users who interact with your account. It is not possible to exclude subscribers so you must exclude everyone who logg into your account or saw the publication advertisement or testimonial.  disadvantage.  are already familiar with the profile will be more willing to subscribe. Also when increasing your post’s reach you ne to remind yourself and your subscribers who miss your post because the news fe algorithm didn’t add your post to search results. Click the Create Audience Custom Audience button. In Sources here select.

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Custom Audiences choose the type of Ireland B2B List interaction logging in to profile interacting with publications and advertisements sending messages saving publications and how long it takes to do so. Create a custom audience for your ad that should be exclud from the audience you’re targeting with your ad. Audiences can be creat ahead of time in the same section or at the ad group level the same place where gender age residence and interests are specifi for all targeting when creating a campaign. To create an audience in the same section click Create Audience Sav Audience. In the Custom Audiences section here click Exclude  then select.

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Creat audience of people who interact with America Email your profile in the drop-down list. This will also help ruce promotional costs on the Internet. exclusions in target advertising How do I create audiences in my account that I can serve ads from Any audiences creat within will not appear in the account. Through it you can only select the audiences you have creat in it. But in the opposite direction it works differently. Audiences creat on are shown in the ad account. Therefore to exclude followers from serving target ads you ne to it your audience. In order for this to happen the activity must not currently be running. We explain step by step. Go to select the post you want to promote click.

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