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Appropriate source for example people who are active on your page or have made a purchase on your website.  algorithms and statistics. similar the found people are to the source audience at  the similarity is greatest but the base will be small at  and vice versa. Lookalike Audiences take a few hours at most to create and then automatically update once a day. Conclusion There is an intelligent search . It is only available in English version. It will help you find your audience’s posts photos videos subscriptions and interests. For detail analysis and analysis of any audience use.

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The tool will display demographics behavior Architectural Services Email List and interests. To automatically match people who are similar to your customers set up lookalike audiences. Useful relat articles Data Science and Big Data Statistics and Analysis on Any Channel View Data Social Shares Analysis and Statistics of Channels Analysis on Any Account The video advertising field is growing. If you’re going in this direction start with research analytics. This material will tell you how to view statistics on the website how to analyze channels and videos and view data for competitor channels. Channel Statistics Videos are rat by. This is a tool available to every user on the web.

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It tracks statistics for each upload video and the entire channel. The analytics section provides information on various data revenue per view video view statistics viewer demographics engagement with content subscriber growth. How to View Statistics on Channel Statistics are available to all admin users. For analysis you ne to collect data Once you sign up for a channel you don’t have numbers. Start posting content promote it and wait for the message to be evaluat. Competitor Analysis If you ne to analyze your competitors’ channels and America Email videos you can use the service. To analyze your channel’s stats go to the Creative Studio section click on your.

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