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The US release That will increase the opportunity for joint ventures. Increase your business profits by tapping into diverse and different markets. onsumers. in order to create a product that meets the nes and is really looking for Price (Price) Set the price for the product. to match the target audience How much will the price be set to make a profit? The price can be either in money or in other forms. Cost (Value) Value that consumers have to pay. in exchange for goods or services which must answer the question in many dimensions including various feelings.

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Place (distribution channel) service channe Australia Email Listl or the distribution of products that reach consumers where to place the product online or in-store or can have both Convenience (convenience) convenience for consumers in all forms so that consumers have a good experience with products and services Promotion (Promotion) Marketing communications of any kind. that promote sales that reach consumers effectively It can be either a discount, exchange, giveaway, or in other ways. Communication (Communication) Communicate to create engagement with the product. or our services It’s not just an offering.

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From previous marketing that mainly focuses America Email on production and development Turn to focus on producing products or services that truly meet the nes of customers. at a price that consumers see as being worth it until they agree to lose money in exchange Increase the convenience of accessing products and services. that does not focus only on stores or online alone but must be access easily and quickly, rucing the complexity of the process and elevation from traditional promotions Come to create a story (story) in various forms to reach the customer’s participation at the emotional level.

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