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An came up with a more sophisticat way to do native advertising. In Russian it means natural users will not use it for the meaning of advertising. It can be an article image video or audio file the main rule is that the format blends with the main content-Known Brands The world’s largest social networks use native ads including    and . And it has different forms here and there below we will consider this with a separate example. 

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Most of the time native ads appear in social Small Business Email List mia. A web full of visual content and . This is logical because the attention-grabbing ability of pictures is achiev while the attention-grabbing ability of text publications is only.  100 million active users and they post an average of 10000 photos every day and receive about 10 likes every second. Basically such ads are represent by brand-relat posts such as Irina Gorbachova’s delicious photo of cherries from . And an understat display of brand trousers or scrubs. Native Ads on Native Ads Examples of Native Ads on Google Plus brand infographics can be singl out as brands playfully draw relevant and useful information for users. For example here are marinade instructions for any.

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Dish at Whole Foods.  simply select informative America Email ideas and brand your company logo as this is natural advertising. A great example of native advertising on RIA Novosti’s organic ads  on and on is a promotional itorial full of simple and interesting content for the audience. For example the community carefully promotes the use of the product in easy-to-follow recipes. Peanut Butter Ads The community has a great opportunity to create high-quality native content on a regular basis when experts from the company answer questions that potential customers care about. The community creates locals by answering questions Create locals.

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