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Example This is the traffic channel.  campaigns. For example for target advertising they usually use channels and for posts they usually use social channels. These are common naming conventions but you can actually name them whatever you like.  The name of the activity. For target advertising it is convenient to specify information about the settings of the advertising campaign here.  This parameter represents a keyword but the keyword is not very relevant to social mia. In fact the tag was originally invent for contextual advertising where keywords matter. In social networks you can use this parameter at your own discretion.

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For example add the launch month here so  all Guatemala Phone Number List the traffic from your channel for a month. And you can’t fill it in at all.  Ad content. In target advertising the creative banner and text is specifi here and in the community you can use it at your own discretion. For example tagging a post where you insert a link. For a post about the spring sale you can enter a specific title like this . Labels have a specific syntax. If the label is written incorrectly the information will not be transmitt. For starters the easiest way to make tags is through special tools where you just specify the values ​​of all parameters and get the final link. Link shortening Links with tags look sloppy. It’s best to shorten them before posting to the group.

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Link Shorteners Key Performance America Email marketers use when they talk about the success of their advertising campaigns. Impressions The number of times the ad post was display. Reach The number of unique users who saw the ad post. Frequency The number of impressions per user. The calculation is simple impressions divid by reach. For example the user has seen the post times the user has seen it times. Impressions . Coverage . Frequency  CPC The cost per thousand impressions for your ad. Budget Impressions to find out how much each.

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