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Factors are consider such as the date the channel was creat. Additionally the platform may request additional documents and information such as company registration documents. Artificial intelligence fake unofficial channel fake  check. complete design. The banner description profile photo and the video itself must be add to the channel. Open profile. Clos accounts and accounts with limit video access cannot be verifi. active account. Your channel should be constantly fill with content and kept fresh. At the same time there are also examples of verifi channels that have not upload.

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Videos for more than a year. rule. Videos must India Phone Number List not violate the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Note: Celebrities don’t necessarily ne a certain number of subscribers. In some cases if the author is well known outside the platform will itself issue a check mark. How to get verifi on  Go to the Google support page We see the following text: If your channel is eligible for verification a clickable Apply Now button will appear below: channel name and its:  We submit the form and we receive to the following message.

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Waiting for test results. Usually it takes a few America Email hours to a week. After successful verification if the account meets all the above requirements a tick will be plac on the channel and the covet letter will be sent to the mailbox: It’s not meant to be validat. To increase your chances of verification follow these rules: Don’t end the subscriber. Robots will greatly ruce your chances of verifying documents prepar in advance. If you are in the mia these can be documents confirming your company registration or passport data and documents for mia mentions to fill in your profile. Banners channel descriptions profile pictures etc. Read the Community Guidelines and Policies and make sure your video does not.

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