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You like Active  but the keyword is not very relevant to social mia. In fact where keywords are important.  you can use this parameter at your own discretion. For example add the launch month here so that later you can quickly collect all the traffic from your channel for a month. And you can’t fill it in at all.  Ad content. creative banner and text is specifi here in the community you yourself can decide to use it for example to mark the post where you insert a link. For posts about spring sales . Labels have a specific syntax. If the label is written incorrectly the information will not be transmitt.

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For starters the easiest way to make tags Crypto Email List is through special tools where you just specify the most parametric values ​​and get the final link.  Directories Key Performance Indicators When marketers talk about the success of their advertising campaigns they use certain terms. Impressions The number of times the ad post was display. Reach The number of unique users who saw the ad post. Frequency The number of impressions per user. The calculation is simple impressions divid by reach. For example times the user view the post times the user view it. . Coverage . Frequency  CPC  The cost per thousand impressions for your ad.

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Allocate the cost of a limit number America Email of impressions. But since in the digital space we’re talking about millions of impressions it would be inconvenient to calculate the cost per impression so immiately calculate the price by the thousand. The result is multipli by thousands. It is the click-through rate. The number of clicks receiv per ad impression. It is calculat as a percentage as shown in the figure below Number of clicks and impressions For example Advertisement posts get impressions.

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