In doing business

By selecting the product in the basket. If it’s an online purchase Or it may be that the target customers are interest in the service and fill out the inquiry. or send an email It’s an opportunity to show that our brand or product is interesting and different from the competition. At this stage, the salesperson plays an important role in helping to close the sale in the best possible way. Processing (Evaluation) It is the process that the customer will process that. Will you buy our products or services? It is a process where the marketing team and the sales team must work together.

In order to be able

To make customers see that we are the best brand Algeria Email List or product which you should choose Purchasing _ The final point of marketing is when the target customers become real customers. by choosing our products And as a brand that nes to create a consistently good experience. to achieve repeat purchases or tell in the future It can be seen that in the past, marketing was only responsible for the level of Awareness and Interest, but at present Marketing involves an evaluation stage that requires joint research with all teams involv. to help close the sale Understanding the customer is the cornerstone of analyzing the overall business situation.

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To identify problems

Including target groups Buying or using America Email behavior, market size, market growth rate form of purchase purchase frequency including channels for purchasing products Competitors _ Competitor analysis will allow us to see the situation in the market we are in, including strengths, weaknesses, brand positions. market share and business plans of competitors Relat person (Collaborators) external stakeholders that cooperate with organizations in a mutually beneficial partnership, such as agencies, suppliers, all relevant business partners. It is important that we understand the potential of those stakeholders as well.

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