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The average of all posts in that month;  for one year the data will be the average of the whole year. In order to make the data of group statistics the most objective you ne to upload multiple thematic community competitors and any of your own same target period preferably no more than days user behavior on the network may change in different months and then go to the chart And see which activity takes longer on average across all load pages. This will help to understand the statistics. Schule events in groups by hour It is important to consider the psychological aspects of behavior what the target audience can do during.

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The statistically active time.  Friday it’s Food, Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List not advisable to post a lot of text late at night because. Friday is traditionally a drinking day and students who get into the network usually don’t stay they’re quick to flip through the tapes and quit.  it might be more effective to post on Friday night instead that mothers can stay home and take care of their children. Content Preparation Now that you have the data on which posts are performing better or worse you know what your competitors are using you’ve chosen the most effective headlines and tim them you can start preparing the posts yourself. This is an important step in increasing community activity.

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The task of this phase is to combine the data America Email receiv with the message your company wants to convey to the audience. Take an effective post as an example choose material with a similar format or theme turn it into your own post that kills two birds with one stone presents interesting content to your audience communicates your company’s aspirations to your audience. Using the techniques shown in your work you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your community increase the activity of your group improve audience engagement increase the traffic generat on your website and thus increase the sales of your products. The basis of the analysis can even be another social network.

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