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More and more videos relat to your topic of interest will be recommend. The platform also tracks the overall popularity of each video on YouTube and its entertainment aspects. Now is a great way to grow and promote your account.  reels for marketing. Because if your subscribers respond well to the videos the fe will start showing them to others interest in similar topics. Therefore great videos of high quality will attract and bring new viewers to your account. continues to grow so if you’re thinking of trying it out on.

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Now’s the time. The recommend example in Indonesia B2B List shows what it is and what it looks like in the video on How to Make a Reel on To create your first you can use an off-the-shelf video or shoot directly on it. Let’s explore both options. If we’re shooting a new video on  choose the option that’s convenient for you: press the center button then press the top right button for creating a new video or scroll to the left and choose a reel format when creating a new story or post. We then hold down the central button and shoot a video of the desir length in one shot or in segments. For convenience turn on the timer. The next step is to add music and effects.

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If the video is ready and nes. To be upload to America Email it is the same as the above method enter the create and then click the button in the lower has been taken. loading. Now add music and effects. How to make a reel on the reel creation screen: Bottom center button for shooting video tools for iting overlaying music and effects on the left. There are even hints from!  on the Internet has its own rules and characteristics. In order to get views on your videos there are a few things you ne to keep in mind. Let us consider them in more detail. The key idea of ​​a creative video is the secret to its success. Decide on a topic and try to express your ideas as clearly and easily as.

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