How to Write Effective Email Headers

Keep it short and sweet. Recipients only have a few seconds to decide whether to open your email, so make sure your header is clear and concise. Aim for a header that’s no more than 50 characters long. Use strong verbs. Verbs add action and excitement to your header, making it more likely to be read. For example, instead of saying “New Products,” you could say “Get 20% Off New Products.” Use numbers. Numbers are attention-grabbing and can help you quantify the benefits of your offer.

Example You Could Say10 New

Recipes” or “50% Off Sale.” Use personalization. Personalizing your email headers can help you increase open rates. You can personalize your headers by using the recipient’s name or by referring to something they’ve already done, such as signing Shadow and Reflection up for your email list. Use a call to action. Tell recipients what you want them to do, such as “Open to learn more” or “Click here to shop now.” Use your brand colors and logo. This will help your emails stand out in recipients’ inboxes.

Test Different Headers

The best way to find out what works is to test different headers. Send out a few emails with different headers and see which one gets the best open rates. By following these tips, you can write effective email headers that will help you increase open America Email rates and boost your email marketing results. Here are some additional tips for writing effective email headers: Use keywords. When people search for emails in their inbox, they often use keywords. Including relevant keywords in your header can help your emails get found. Avoid spammy words.

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