Here the chat list is divid by country

Chat add to it The tool analyzes the activity of the participants and the popularity of the chat.  which you can find at the following link .  stats link. Channel stats will be expand by an order of magnitude. Statistics are given for the following metrics number of messages all time average per day user activity number of active users in a specifi time period average daily active users. Chat Activity Graphs bas on the number and length of messages. Click on the time of day to divide the activity. The click activity metrics analysis also displays statistics for each user in the  identifying the most active participants and the number.

To view stats in chat use the

Of days the user was active. s.  and there are Zambia B2B List channels from the world to use to find the most popular posts and learn what content is most suitable for you. The service is available for all existing channels. You don’t ne to be an administrator or install a robot to run an analysis. Thus you can compare the statistics of different channels for example to evaluate the activities of your competitors or to choose an advertising channel. The tool finds the posts that get the most views or get the highest visibility rate. The analytics metric evaluates the viewability of a post which is the percentage of subscribers who have seen it. In  you can find and rate your most successful days.

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The service has its own chat rating

Of the week and the times of the day when America Email you post. In the section you can. Also analyze the time it takes for channels to load in the section by content type. By text length By the amount of text length. Divide posts by content type. Activity by text-length content type. Post an Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion Opinion HI . An easy way to do advanc content analysis in You can check every metric for the desir time period and View Channel Statistics Conclusions There are different types of platforms channels and groups chats. The metrics provid for evaluation in analytics are mainly.

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