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Brand Therefore when choosing a blogger first of all don’t focus on his content but focus on the target audience who subscribes to him. Ads can easily fit into any content if necessary. For example using the platform you can use smart selection and find bloggers whose target audience is men. The majority are girls and the content is girl-orient. Ad Campaigns Evaluate campaigns bas on collect likes and comments Many people believe that a partnership with a blogger ends when the ad publication is plac.

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This is wrong. At this point the most important Jordan B2B List phase begins: collecting statistics on the advertising campaign and analyzing the results.  publications respond the most and how many actual sales the collaboration result in. The success of an advertising campaign is not measur by likes and comments but by the number of orders receiv. Insert separate tags into bloggers’ links and evaluate the results in or. Use the promo code and pay attention to the comments under the advertising post. If you want to know when is the best time to post or advertise on your or any other account you can use the advanc analytics in.

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This is important for optimizing further advertising campaigns and with further placements optimizing and expanding campaigns bas on the data already receiv. Bloggers to Follow; Dangerous Mistakes and How to Share Advanc Work Tools: Tools Bloggers Marketers and Small Business Owners Use Every Day. And while social networks are frequently updat and open up new features it is possible to expand the functionality of social networks. We’ve round America Email up the funniest tools to help you maintain your account create content and view photos in augment reality. Fastli can create story videos with text and effects even if you don’t know how to it. The service has templates and detail instructions. In a few minutes you’ll have a simple and attractive video to use or advertise on your account. Tool to create video posters from stories Service for analysis and analysis of social network.

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