Hashtags to promote your event on social media

Do not complicate the process of buying tickets for your event, sell them with as few clicks as possible. Find the easiest and most suitable way for your audience, and you are sure to improve the number of ticket sales and attendees.

Facebook, for example, has a feature to add your ticket information to the event page and sell them quickly and efficiently.

To make things more interesting, make special offers, such as “buy a ticket now and get a free t-shirt”, a signed copy of a book, or some other item, a free drink on the house, a snack, etc., the possibilities are endless.

Some tickets may also be sold under VIP status with privileges such

As no queue, two drinks, a special Database welcome act, or some other promising perks. Adding all these “brilliant” options will ensure a wide choice for your audience and endless opportunities for you.

Once you better understand how people search for events like yours, it’s time to create compelling content about your event. When you write and share, focus on what your event means to the person attending rather than all the planning and detail you’ve put into the event.

Instead of just mentioning the names of the speakers and guests, add some color to each of them by noting what they plan to teach or speak. In this way, potential attendees will have a clearer idea of ​​what is going to be discussed at the event.

Not sure how to write more than one blog post about your event


There are many ways to fill your content calendar AMERICA Email with event ideas. If speakers or guests are part of your event, consider interviewing them. This could be a blog post, a video interview, or both!

Pick a specific aspect of your event and make it the focus of the article. Are you partnering with sponsors? Highlight your sponsors and interview someone from your office. It is a good form of promotion for both of you and you can ask them to share your article on their channels. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

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