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How to Create Lookalike Audiences The database is load and the requir amount of data is collect. Time to create lookalike audiences. Instructions To work with lookalike audiences on Facebook go to the Retargeting section of your ad account.  the list of users that you will base your lookalike audience on. Instructions for setting up lookalike audiences then go to Lookalike Audiences section and click Find Lookalike Audiences. Select Source the name of your previously upload listing. Will start looking for audience.

In the Audiences section upload

Set Lookalike Audiences Facebook Instructions Panama Phone Number List Go to Audiences section click Create audience button. Select the Custom of users or select Lookalike Audiences if you already have a source library. Instructions for setting up lookalike audiences above When creating a lookalike audience select a source location enter country region and lookalike. Choose the audience closest to the original base but the final base will be smaller in size. will give the audience’s maximum volume but not quite the same. But the onion panacea doesn’t always yield the best results. Test different similarity percentages.

Phone Number List

Audiences option to load a list

To create multiple audiences at once select America Email the numbers and set the similarity intervals for the database you will eventually receive. Lookalike Audiences Example My Goal Directive To search for lookalike audiences in . In the right column go to the User Lists section and upload your list. After that go to the Similarity section and follow the instructions select the source and click Create Similarity. Once your audience is form go to the Audience Segment Listing section and click Create Audience Segment. Here select similar from the list. Useful relat articles on setting up lookalike audiences in Target Audience Segmentation How to Differentiate Your Target Audience for.

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