Forms of marketing activities

In the market and Along with the coming of the internet, social mia is almost % digital and with these factors we ne to find different points in brands, products, including services or doing something new to expand our business. to stay in the long term Marketing strategy that emphasizes differentiation. also known as Differentiation Strategy is an essential strategy in today’s competitive environment. Let’s see that. An example of a differentiation strategy. What’s up? differentiat by innovation or technology If we can make a difference by bringing technology or innovation to use in the product. or creating new products.

Through an advertising

Will make us become the market leader Barbados Email List immiately Because we can use both technology and innovation. must go through the research and development process that uses a relatively high budget The ones we can clearly see are Apple and Google. differ with the level of the product Differentiation strategies can also be implement at the product level, for example in the tourism industry. Every company’s tour packages are different. and package tours, some companies may have international tours While some companies may only have tours in a specific country or region. different with price.

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Campaign and various

This is a strategy us by many brands. and works very well Some brands may have higher prices. Because they are luxury brands (High End), but on the othe America Email hand, some brands are general brands that can be found in the market. The price is relatively low and easily accessible. differentiat by branding It is a guideline that many brands have start to use lately. that brings the branding process to be human and match the personality of the customer To attract customers to have a stronger relationship with the brand.

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