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Out surveys or connecting to social network profiles. more than 10000 photos of participants and more than 10000 engagements bas on these materials. Global sales of limit ition bottles total more than 100 million bottles with European average sales increasing. Using data science to run advertising campaigns in social networks with Snickers and sentiment analysis Through machine learning the social network can also train its anti-spam filters and detect the presence of pornographic content which helps remove.

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Content that doesn’t comply with the network’s Nigeria B2B List rules before the first complaint arises. The Russian developer’s service uses photos to search user profiles on Facebook. The results were impressive and a little scary Even with old photos the being photograph with a fairly high accuracy. In addition the company that develop it has won several international facial recognition competitions and its technology is now us in the work of law enforcement agencies and large commercial organizations. Logo Grabbing One of the world’s largest image recognition systems can find the desir logo among thousands of photos and videos post on social networks. Using this tool brands can search for companies not only in text but also in mia.

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Content and measure audience recognition America Email and loyalty.  Heineken launch a massive advertising campaign in the Unit States with the help of Heineken a special limit ition bottle was releas the owner of which receiv exclusive scenes from the filming of the film and additional material. At the same time in order to gain access it is enough to take a photo or video of the bottle without registering on the website filling out surveys or connecting to social network profiles. As a result Heineken attract more than 10000 photos of participants and more than.

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