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Rank higher than users who post stories stream live or use any other feature of the app. It’s a myth that using stories affects coverage. too frequently. But if these posts are publish within a short period of time other users’ posts will be add between them in most cases. Account type doesn’t affect coverage in any way switching from a business account to a personal account and vice versa yields no results. No shadow bans hiding posts from results via hashtags because. How can I improve my account’s performance by understanding ranking factors Post regularly You ne to grab the attention of your followers in order to stay on their fe.

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Some marketers and bloggers recommend Latvia B2B List publishing at least one article per day. For some that’s too much. Sometimes creating content takes time and effort. Posting three articles per week is enough. Communicating with the audience Yes that’s how you’re going to spend the summer The problem. Actually working on it too. Ask open-end questions to your audience and if you run a brand account try to strike up a conversation with your subscribers not just about your product but abstract topics as well. ENGAGE IN RELAT CONTENT See accounts similar to yours reply to friends directly on stories and participate in discussions relat to your profile topics.

B2B Email List

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Research your audience to determine what your subscribers like photos or videos long or short text helpful information or pretty pictures.  in a story or analyzing an account’s old posts. You can do this quickly in it will show you the most popular and discuss posts of all time determine the days and times of the week when your subscribers are most America Email active show you on a graph the best text length for your audience and many more Many metrics that can help you improve your account content. Conclusions Newsfe rankings on the new algorithm are bas on three main factors interest.

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