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Environment Context (Climate Context) Environmental analysis by evaluating external environmental factors that affect business, such as PESTEL Analysis that requires knowlge of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal conditions that affect the business operations that we should pay attention to. In fact, the C Framework is very similar to the SWOT analysis we do in the early stages of pre-starting a business. But there is a deeper analytical perspective. that goes into detail to analyze customer groups, competitors, stakeholders and the environment that affects business.

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The Have you ever wonder what kind of business Andorra Email List the company we work with is in? We are often familiar with B C and B B businesses, but nowadays there are many different types of businesses. due to changing target groups, technology and business models. Makes marketing more complicat. This article will take you to know types of businesses other than B C and B B. Let’s start with B B (Business-to-Business) . It is doing business between businesses on a large scale that requires partnerships. long-term business In most cases, doing this type of business will present tools or equipment that help support the business to succe, such as consulting business.

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Businesses that sell process machinery or business America Email solutions of various types This type of business exists in every industry. B B marketing and branding is different from the B C type. The target customers are not direct consumers. but at the corporate level That means marketers in this type of business must communicate directly with decision-makers. To drive sales means understanding the business processes of companies. and develop business-specific strategies together with the sales team to convert potential customers into buyers The key to B B marketing is to demonstrate business value.

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