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In the future Examples of business types include bloggers, website owners with good content and a large number of followers, including marketing, technology, real estate, automobiles, websites that provide information and news. The most popular in this era is likely to be a C C (Customer-to-Customer) business because of the rapid changes in technology. and the entry of the Internet and various social mia. C C is a business model where customers can exchange products with each other.

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Through various online platforms Which brands Angola Email List are rapidly emerging as e-commerce platforms such as Ebay, Shoppee, Lazada, where platform builders ne to create systems that take into account UXUI or aesthetics of the system. and user experience of consumers to make consumers feel easy to use Include promotional presentations and marketing styles that attract consumers to use In addition to the creator of the system. The way we make products to sell through various online mia It is consider a form of C C as well, such as selling products through Facebook, Pantip, Instagram and many other websites.

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Another category that combines B B and B C is B B C (Business-to-Business-to-Customer) business model across online, e-commerce and portals. by America Email cooperating with business Consumer-orient products and services Focus on solving problems that are mutually beneficial. An example of a B B C model is a platform that combines restaurants. And there are features that help customers have the convenience of ordering food. or other services This is an opportunity to increase customers for businesses or financial platforms. link to the user account which can withdraw the salary in advance which is a collaboration between businesses for employees in the company Better financial liquidity.

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