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If you don’t care about your customers Do not develop products or services to meet customer nes or be different from competitors. and not create brand loyalty There will always be other people ready to take customers away from you. The third phase of the customer’s touchpoint is product or service information presentation. Read reviews online Connecting with brands both offline and online and may try to use the product or service Make a purchase decision (Act) At this stage, customers are persuad by various information. that the brand has communicat to make customers interest and ask or search for information until it becomes a purchase decision.

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At this stage, brands ne to always create good Bahrain Email List memories for their customers. The point of contact of customers in this fourth phase is the purchase of goods or services online. or through the store and after sales service Support (Advocacy)We are often familiar with the term P because it is the basis of the marketing mix. Regarding the product (Product), price (Price), distribution channel (Place) and promotion (Promotion), the P concept may not be enough anymore. because of the entry of the internet world, coupl.

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With changing consumer behavior And it America Email is an era of customer centricity (Customer Centric). Therefore, to understand consumer behavior in terms of marketing, it is necessary to develop a marketing concept call C. In fact, P and C are the same . But just change to look at the point of view of consumers mainly. or can be call to look at it more deeply than before This allows us to communicate directly to the point and meet the nes of consumers faster. Follow the table below. P C Product (product)Surviving in today’s business is difficult.

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