Don’t Compromise On Visual Quality

Next you have to choose whether to enter your product catalog via a form or connect it to an eCommerce platform like Shopify.Quality images; You should choose an image that stops scrolling and stands out in the news feed. Use excellent, professionally shot photos of your original product instead of stock images, which are often overlooked.

Then, navigate to your ads manager and

start your dynamic product ad by setting your Facebook campaign objective to “catalog sales.”

Retargeting; When visitors visit Latest Mailing Database your Daraz website or app but don’t make a purchase, dynamic ads can be an excellent method of drawing them back and pushing them further down the sales funnel.
Find new clients ; Even if they haven’t visite the Shopee or Lazada website or downloade the app, some people may be intereste in your (or comparable) product or service. Because they can target a wide variety of individuals, dynamic ads can hel.Leveraging high-quality images is the most important aspect of Facebook advertising. If the image is blurry or poorly rendered, who in the Facebook marketplace will believe it’s real?

Use the following checklist to choose an image for your Facebook ad

Latest Mailing Database

Face: Since humans tend to fit best America Email with other people, a friendly, up-close, and emotional face is great for grabbing people’s attention and helping them visualize themselves using your product.

Simplicity; Photos that are hard to see or happen to be a lot distract from your product. On the other hand, images that are simple and have a lot of space draw attention to your product.


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