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Mia pages Learning:  and learn new technologies and trends in your field. This will help you stay competitive online and attract more viewers. : try to engage with your audience respond to comments and feback and consider their opinions when creating new content. This will help you retain followers. Use reels to attract new viewers. How to earn money on YouTube can be achiev in many ways: Ad monetization: Earn income through ads plac on videos. Sponsorship: Working with brands that pay you to advertise their products or services. Donate: Use Super Chat and let your audience donate to your unique content. Merchandise: Sell your own merchandise or sell other companies.

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Merchandise using an affiliate Australia Phone Number List program. : Participate in partner programs to earn extra income through views and advertisements. Important Nuances Ad Price The price of an ad depends on many factors. Besides the obvious number of subscribers and views the solvency of the audience and the theme of the channel are also important. Ads are Expensive Topics: Business Finance Car Trips Cheap Ads Topics: Video Games Life Tips Cooking and Recipes Cosmetics and Beauty Monetization Quality Ads will show when you upload your video to if it meets monetization rules. In this case profits will be shar with the authors.

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Participate in partner programs

However monetization will be limit if the America Email video contains information about gambling weapons or tobacco which will significantly ruce revenue. In addition if advertisers do not want their ads to appear in the video in question then profitability will be limit. Additionally if the algorithm determines that an ad placement in a video is unacceptable for an advertiser monetization will be disabl and the author will not receive any profit. For example if a video contains shocking footage or conspiracy theories.

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