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For the development of image search and platforms. Useful relat articles Data Science and Advertising What Marketers Sharing What Marketers Ne to Know About Big Data Data Science and Advertising If Big Data Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Are Right For You is the distant future then it’s time to ring the alarm bells. Today data science is us by many companies and social networks. We’ve collect examples of advertising cases where these techniques are appli. Offline advertising McDonald’s and billboards The largest fast food chain has install smart billboards on UK streets their content changes according to road conditions.

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To do this the ad agency hook up the campaign management system and connect it to a service that monitors road conditions in real time.  will Réunion B2B List offer drivers a meal on the way home. If the traffic is difficult the car owner will see this text Traffic jam There is a light at the end of the tunnel and an image of the McDonald’s logo the so-call Golden Arches. Smart Ads on McDonald’s Billboards Prohibit Food and the Police Year when the topic of prohibit products was hotly debat the owner of an Italian grocer install a smart city board in Moscow. It depicts cheeses and deli meats. The shield analyzes the appearance of passers-by and if it recognizes.

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A police uniform it changes the image to an advertisement for a matryoshka shop. Giant billboards and positioning in London they turn on huge  than square meters. This is one of the largest and oldest billboards in the country and has been in operation since . But it’s not its size that’s impressive but its content The billboard receives information America Email from cameras and sensors install on the street. They read the age gender facial expressions of passers-by and the make of passing cars. There is also a hotspot nearby. Bas on the data collect the billboard selects advertisements that are of interest to passers-by.

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