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Interest in relevant creating a good experience must be relat to customer nes or. What customers expect Meaningful, good experience It must offer something that is valuable and useful to customers. Attractive, creating a good experience must try to get into the minds of customers and can deliver what customers. Want constantly reviewing Customer touchpoints are not something that can be done all at once. But it is one of those strategies that requires planning and figuring out how to fill each touchpoint. That you ne to sit and review and check from time to time. Because every day there may be new customer groups and new touchpoints occur all the time.

Able to create value

Bt the most important thing is to improve the customer Czech Republic Email List experience with the brand even further. Because they are luxury brands (High End), but on the other hand, some brands are general brands that can be found in the market. The price is relatively low and easily accessible. differentiat by branding It is a guideline that many brands have start to use lately. that brings the branding process to be human and match the personality of the customer To attract customers to have a stronger relationship with the brand.

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Through an advertising campaign And America Email various forms of marketing activities, such as in the case of Pepsi and Coke, we see advertising and activities that focus on customer engagement. and use communication that shows friendship looks more intimate different with product packaging Nowadays, there are many brands of products in the shelves to choose from. And many times we pick the wrong one because some brands have simBrand positioning or Brand Positioning lets us know that different brand positioning in the market.

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