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Get your campaigns ready for the holidays but in the meantime we’ve put together a rough calendar for you . sale season. And October calendar month day content planning account registration mobile advertising to prepare for the winter vacation. Calendar for October and December DD DD Content planning account registration DD Prepare and publish content DD-DD Let’s celebrate the New Year together! Calendar for November and December MM-DD Content planning account registration MM-DD Content planning.

So you can start planning now

Account design MM-DD Campaign launch Russia B2B List Helpful articles on the topic What You Ne To Do To Be Popular In The Forward;  Better How to Social Sharing How to Create Target Audience Profiles Basics of Marketing and Content in Networking Target Audiences. What is it how to determine it and what is the target audience. At the end of the article there is a handy audience analysis template that will help you create your profile. Therefore to understand your target audience the formulation of your marketing strategy should start with the definition of your target audience. But if you’re suddenly skipping this stage or planning to let’s figure out why you should waste time energy and sometimes money on lookalike.

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Portraits of your target audience. To ruce America Email advertising costs when we talk about marketing we’re talking promotional budgets. Of course we are not talking about traditional advertising channels but about digital advertising channels where you can calculate the return on each ruble invest. This means optimizing budget spending. If we honestly understand the target audience of a project we can ruce costs through more accurate targeting. We’re going to stop showing ads to people from areas where we don’t sell them and we’re going to stop spending our budget on age users who aren’t interest in our products. Recommunicating everything personal is a trend in recent years. The more personal we can address a user the better our chances of earning his attention and trust In order to.

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