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Share content on social networks. ran a competition with Electrolux to get real-time feback on the technology. Benefits of the campaign New reviews appear on the site viewers engage in interactions and site visitors see reviews that must have been written by real people as part of a contest. Partnering with Electrolux to judge competitions in Austin is a great example of how users can be motivat to create content for brands. The project invites users to create their own memes by giving templates funny titles. The photo can be shar on social networks for extra votes. Once a week participants will receive a certificate in rubles. 

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A small price for what the company Water Transportation Email List receives. users post pictures of their pets and tell their stories. cats are a noble topic for the social network but Purina can learn a lot from such a diverse topic for competition and for working with audiences. The brand has more than 100 photos in the community almost all taken by users. How Austin’s Competition Incentivizes Content Creation for Brands Example Program and Subscriber Contest Larger pages receive an active link pointing to themselves. Remember the psychology people like to be chosen. Encouraging users to post pictures of salons with hashtags can also play a role Girls posing for manicures while snapping pictures while mentioning. 

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The salon account. Handmade Beauty Bar America Email does. A great job of this just a small postscript asking them to send pictures of their nails to .  Continuing useful articles on. Artisanal Beauty Bars and Custom. Content and Platforms What Do They. Mean for Marketers Social Sharing and Applications in Marketing We releas translations of the new features and their importance for marketers. On  announc and technology. Augment reality tools are still in beta but virtual reality is already available to everyone albeit with a severely ruc audience reach. Only owners can use the technology. In this article we’ll take a look at the key technologies and what they mean for marketers. 

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