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Offers promotional tools. in users’ fes. You can choose from because it’s not clear what they can offer this is the case with live streaming and stories. Regularly monitor your competitors’ accounts to see how they are adopting new formats. Or do it before them. Due to the very fast dynamics it is particularly sensitive to the content strategy in social networks. Find out why your competitors’ content is interesting Browse through different posts and blog posts like a regular user. Open the content you are interest in.

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Then analyze your path why did you read a Telecommunications Email List particular article What image or title appeals to you The answers to these questions give your competitors an ge. Learn how to create equally cool illustrations and catchy headlines. Tracking Mechanism What contests do contestants participate in Do I ne test tasks to participate or just subscribe etc How viewers react to different mechanics of the game. Beyond contests consider simple forms of interaction which survey audiences are more likely to respond to and which topics generate more discussion. To quickly find answers to these questions and analyze them upload your competitors’ groups to and sort the posts by comments you’ll instantly see.

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Which posts get the most discussion.  page America Email but also its mentions. Clicking on a hashtag will help you find content. Why are users posting content that mentions the brand How does the company motivate them A similar scheme will work on your pages. When analyzing competitor content highlight the main ones themes mechanics unusual tricks. Blind copying won’t help your content but combining your information wisely will save you time and money. In the Service you can quickly analyze pages on      and other social networks. Useful relat articles Branding in Russia on Facebook What You Can Learn Useful; Legendary Best Copywriters and Examples of Their Work.

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