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Apple does business with innovation at its core, developing products that focus on the customer and the environment. An era that is bas on all people who ne to help, cooperate and support each other. (Co-Creation) gives importance to finding Real nes (Insight) and guidelines or journeys of consumers in deciding to buy products or services (Customer Journey). Marketing that nes to be integrat from traditional marketing. Online Marketing Including social mia that must be consistent and seamlessly connect (OMNI Channel) Marketing . is a full digital marketing era.

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Technology is introduc various platforms that Afghanistan Email List facilitate the purchase of goods or services to use and emphasizing on Content creation that is diverse, useful and different. Marketing concepts have also chang, consumers are more complex than before. A marketing strategies , including creating awareness (Awareness), attracting attention (Appeal), asking for our brand (Ask), making a purchase (Act), and spreading the word (Advocacy ) . Feeling (Emotional) There are stories that are creative. Make your own brand human. Each brand nes to create its own unique personality. to create recognition in the eyes of consumers among many competitors I believe that many people can see the evolution of marketing in each era since the agricultural era.

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Until the digital age It is undeniable that America Email the important basis that we must always keep in mind is that customer nes will determine the direction in marketing planning. together with the technology factor that has become part of our daily lives that is getting more and more complicat day by day And now there are many competitors. There is high competition, new start-up businesses are born, so we can no longer focus on marketing to sell traditional products.

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