Complete Each Box For The Three Ads You’d Like

In the “View More Display URL” section, enter the View More URL that you’d like your ad to appear on.
If you are using parameters or custom tracking tags, check the “Tracking” box.
To save your new ad, click “Upload Changes” in the top-right corner of the menu bar.
7. Don’t Ignore Video Ads
Video ads are potentially very profitable for eCommerce. Some video ads perform better than any image ad we’ve tried, but that doesn’t mean all video ads are guaranteed to appear in the marketplace.

The key to creating a compelling video campaign to add to your Facebook eCommerce ad is creating video content that is both appealing to your target audience and has a social aspect. This doesn’t mean that you have to engage a specialist for every film you make. Some smartphone videos on a modest budget receive millions of views on social media.

You will need a script and storyboards

If you can adequately articulate both aspects of your film, it will be much easier to implement your advertising concept.

If you don’t know how to do this, we always recommend collaborating with a professional when creating video ads for database Facebook. At the time of your strategy, it is important to find a media business that can make videos. What’s important is improving and developing Facebook’s video strategy to generate more revenue.

olymp trade indonesiaTip: Playing circular ads repeatedly may be aesthetically appealing. Since these video ads only last about 15 seconds, they don’t need to hold the customer’s attention for very long. People will remember your eCommerce company if you make movies that are fun and easy to watch over and over again.

Target Similar Audiences


This is an excellent alternative as it allows you to find new customers in a wide market depending on the quality you have before. People who view your products or buy from you may be considered your “target audience.” Consider how Facebook can leverage AI to find customers similar to those who have purchased from you.

You can then create ad campaigns that directly target these individuals.

Your current customer list needs to be America Email clear and precise if you want to find new clients that will benefit your business. Include frequent customers who buy from you and like your brand.

Facebook can use a “lookalike audience” to market your stuff to those who are more likely to buy it. You just need to make sure that your content is appropriate for your like-minded audience and that Facebook will take care of the rest.

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