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Rubles while rubles for rubles . Ads in groups There are two ways to place ads in groups through the marketplace or by direct agreement with the administrator.  the placement of publications. communities at once and at the end you can get general statistics on the results. Also you are sure that entries will be publish on time and that the moderators will abide by the conditions or you will get your budget back. When posting directly the cost of advertising in the group is sometimes lower because the administrator does not ne to use The platform pays a commission but also the posting and placement conditions can be.

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Discuss in detail such as posting a longer Macedonia Phone Number List publication for a period of time or forever republishing from your community or a series of posts at a special price. How to choose a suitable official account and choose a community to place advertisements is the key point. You ne an active community with not only a lot of subscribers but also a lot of interaction with the publication. Analyze the community before publishing The coverage of an article is more important than the overall coverage of the community because the overall coverage can be obtain by reposting. Retweets get viral and often these are not ad placements but community content.

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Therefore this metric is not relevant for your promotional publications. Subscriber Activity If you choose to advertise in a group and would like to get more engagement please analyze the activity of the community before placing your ad. It is easy to collect detail reports on any group analysis in  you will see the number of comments likes retweets likes. Enter the community address in the search bar determine the date of analysis or month as appropriate depending on the activity of the group How to find a suitable ad group on Number Pageviews .  to advertise America Email in and choose the most active ones. Before How to Advertise in a Specific Community in  you can select the communities in which you want to.

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