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An lowest on posts with links. In  posts with videos get the most engagement while posts with photos rank last slightly behind those with text. Posts with links lead on Facebook and posts with videos get the least engagement. includ photos had the highest engagement across all sites. Last in line is video recording. Audience Activity in Posts of Different Types of Content in All Social Networks Annual  In this part of the study pages were divid into categories according to audience size and the average posting frequency and engagement rates were calculat. The study uses two engagement metrics Sum of Reaction Number of Posts Number of Followers Sum of Reaction Number of Days Subscriber.

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A method to calculate the average engagement Hungary Phone Number List of a social networking page year data In which there is a direct relationship between community size and frequency of posting.  followers publish an average of posts per day. These neighborhoods are the highest but the lowest. Smaller communities have the highest engagement per post and the highest number of subscribers. In  the situation is unchang from the 2010 study large communities post more frequently and better but have lower engagement per post than small communities. The average engagement of mium pages depends on the number of subscribers and small pages with.

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The most subscribers lead both in and in. In 2010 the performance was average comparable to the results of the average community. Average Page Engagement by Number of Followers On average small communities also lead in terms of engagement but have the fewest posts per day. The average engagement on a page depends on accounts America Email with a small number of subscribers. Accounts with a small number of subscribers have the highest engagement per post and the highest average engagement per day. At the same time there is not much difference in posting frequency between large and mium-siz communities accounts with less.

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