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Bill Gates gave a speech onelimination.  of the problem and provides statistics but for add effect Bill Gates uncaps the mosquito jar and surprises the audience by saying that poor people have no reason to have such experiences. Mosquitoes are not malaria of course but he is able to surprise the audience by showing that the problem is not far away but all around us. The surprise in the story. And of course the classic stories told through social mia posts: Types and Types of Storytelling Storytelling can be broken down into many types from the message to the way the story is told. Let’s look at a few types.

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Sociocultural This type of storytelling Poland Phone Number List focuses on shar values principles cultural identities and ethical issues. They usually tell stories of difficulties and trials as well as moments of wonder and happiness. Business. Companies use it to improve productivity train employees resolve conflicts and promote products and services. Personal storytelling. It’s a conversation with myself digging into myself to remember and analyze my own story. Personal stories can be further us in all other types of storytelling. visual storytelling.

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It means a small amount of text but uses America Email photos drawings videos animations tables etc. for a more descriptive presentation of information. Digital storytelling. digital mia using audio and video formats photos presentations and other tools to increase efficiency. Story types inspire action. Motivation is the main purpose of a story. You can tell how products help customers solve problems how companies overcome force majeure and crises how companies solve supply problems etc. who I am . Tell the author’s story and showcase the best qualities. Stories like this help build trust with customers and learn more about the company or.

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