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Social networks with each other you will have to work with. The statistics of exposure to target advertising are collect in the Export Statistics section of the advertising account Types of data export from the advertising account information on expenditure budget impressions clicks click-through rate from all ad uploads.  border relat posts total reach subscriber reach budget spent conversions and joining groups link clicks complaints hiding all group entries. Select the options you ne Advertisement cabinet for the desir client; notification period and date; format display in browser or download document. Facebook and in the ad account you can report and upload regularly just update the date. 

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To do this go to the desir column in the Aircraft, Engine, Parts Email List campaign then save the report. To download the report click the Create Export button. There are two types of stats available for my target Regular stats Meter and Report Designer. Create reports about the effectiveness of your ads in Periodic Reports. Select the requir indicators hide them in the column settings section and select the indicators in the report to set up automatic collection of reports and upload data when necessary or analyze them online. Reports are upload to where.

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You can customize your reports Select America Email Metrics to collect all data for your ad and Analytics. Reports can be sav or export for use in . Examples of ad reporting spells number of modifi subscribers; record coverage; views of a particular post; engagement rate. Number of posts number of contest participants. Internal statistics for the network Some of this information can be found in internal mia statistics for example detail statistics for groups provides per-piece information Intrastats for each record in a group Stats Statistics Statistics Statistics Statistics Statistics.

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