Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke

Communicate and video is becoming more and more popular. Studying user behavior enables convenience simplicity and average prices.  a business lunch. The waiter hurrily brought the menu only to find that the select soup was gone. Thirty minutes after the order was deliver you had a lot more time to eat your lunch than you plann. Serve you fast at your request you are rude. You feel angry and upset. You will most likely want to share your emotions and get revenge on the agency. That’s what the comments section is for. So if you want to get feback about the company ask the users. You can use rewards for this coffee shops for example. 

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Often offer small desserts in exchange for Motor Freight Transportation Email List reviews. your customers. Contests Contests offer great opportunities to earn content. You decide the format of your material photo video or story. Users are motivat to create works. At the same time you can also increase engagement. For example if you ne to know about a group’s engagement or other metrics such as statistics according to     and other social networks as well as find the best publications in any group will help. Bloggers Content creat by bloggers can also be categoriz as user-generat content. Also such content is usually of high quality. If you can’t allocate the budget to work with popular influencers look for smaller venues that might be interest in bartering.

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For the cost of the product you get America Email photos reviews and blogger influence. One of the best campaigns for how brands have partner with is. The brand releas a series of jars with different names. In Europe and the US users are ask to share a Coke with the name-holder Share a Coke with Tom while in Russia users are ask to buy the product for themselves It’s Your Coke Anya. The results of the campaign were publish on the official Coca-Cola blog 100 million mentions 100 million tweets from users with the hashtag and more than 100 million personaliz bottles sold. Users take pictures with the bottle write humorous messages. 

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