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Number of new customers in the current period]  beginning of the period Month quarter and half year during the period Example A company has a customer within a month. At the end of the month one customer stopp using the service but thanks to the advertisement a new customer was welcom. At the end of the month there are still 1 customer left. We consider Answer The company’s performance this month. If this metric is lower than normal then you ne to work on retaining customers. Every industry has its own. For example mobile application developers get in days while for mia the standard is in days.

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Check the average in your field compar. There is also an inverse metric churn which is how many customers refuse to return an item after Thailand Phone Number List making a purchase a higher number means the company is experiencing a higher strategy rethink. How to retain customers A study backing PwC show that of customers rate spe convenience friendly service and professional assistance as the main elements of a positive customer experience. In order not to lose the client and keep in touch with him create all convenient means of support. It is important that the issue is resolv quickly and clearly before the client himself will want to come back to you.

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Personaliz discounts Use personaliz discounts America Email to attract customers. According to research of customers like brands to send personaliz discounts bas on order history. Address buyers by name and remind them of pending orders. Personal choices bas on customer interests are also valuable and they are not consider intrusive advertising. Easy Payment and Shipping At the end of a customer’s search-to-purchase journey companies often lose potential profits and customer loyalty because payment or shipping isn’t right for the customer. Here it is worth taking the example of a marketplace where payment and delivery is an advantage. You are not alone in the market which means competitors can easily block your sales. Connect.

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