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Different They provide users with personaliz offers. Personaliz offers effective cost per thousand impressions in social networks are up and ROI is down. Therefore participants pay attention to the value of life of consumers.  excitement about shopping online to personaliz messaging Mary Meek points out. Up Mobile search has chang in this way usage has increas year-on-year due to personaliz search results. A big moment this year For the first time the number of smartphones is not growing and the market is almost growing compar to growing last year. Major brand products but mobile payments are gaining popularity.

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This is particularly striking in mobile Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Email List devices to shop every year. The average U.S.  on online mia and most users spend more time on their mobile devices. The trend is to watch more and more videos on mobile devices. Especially the growing interest in gaming themes. Growing demand for mobile video viewing Mary Meeker has notic the growth of instant messengers. This is due to two factors the desire for simplicity and the fear of data. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal users began to worry about the protection of personal data. They no longer post all their information on social mia.

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Like they did in the early days of social mia. Another America Email interesting trend in the increasing use of communication tools is the collective accumulation of data. Gather different feback traffic information and routes in real time improving everyone’s experience. Collecting user information to improve individuals” ition tells about the Internet economy user behavior robots replacing humans personal data security and ucation trends. Alternatively you can use the service Premium to analyze your target audience’s interest in social mia content. Useful relat articles Shi Nian Digital trends that we will follow; the audience of Russian social networks; first you ne to log into the service with.

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